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Contributors' Projects

Many of the contributors to Dave's Mapper have other role-playing projects that can be of great use to game masters.

Dyson Logos on Patreon

The originator of the geomorph map movement, Dyson Logos, is using Patreon to keep his art flowing. Sponsoring him means a steady supply of new, high-quality maps will be available to GMs and DMs for years to come. If you've enjoyed his tiles here, please pledge to Dyson Logos on Patreon — you won't regret it.

DungeonMorph Dice

The awesome concept and planning by Joe Wetzel of Inkwell Ideas turned into the DungeonMorph Dice project. I'm glad to have been a part of it, and happy that the mapper played a small role in bringing together some of the contributors to his project. Check out the dice, cards, font, and other cool stuff Joe is making with map tiles over at DungeonMorphs.com.

Cartographers' Profiles

Other Contributors

Dan "Dante" Algstrand

A Swedish graphic designer into RPGs since 1982. He recently discovered a growing faiblesse for old school gaming and simply adoooores old style dungeon maps. Dan is assisting with some of the tile cleanup for new tiles being added to the mapper.

Paul MacDonald

Paul MacDonald has assisted with some of the tile cleanup for new tiles being added to the mapper.

Rob Lang

The app's original functionality is based on the original Morph Mapper and Monkey Mapper written by Rob Lang. Without Rob's work, none of this would have been possible.


Jarrah from Rock Propelled Game inspired the 3D cube layout option I added with this blog post of a cubic dungeon.

Special thanks...

Special thanks to John Krull, Luke Schutt, Jose Tamayo, jQuery, Jorik Tangelder (creator of Hammer.js), Jovanny Lemonad (creator of the Philosopher font), and everyone else who has supported the mapper or made something amazing that the mapper uses.


Dave's Mapper started out as an improvement on the mappers made by Rob Lang. When I noticed that wide maps broke across lines rather than being the proper size, I wrote a line or two of code that could fix it, as well as a few lines to randomly rotate tiles for an extra feature.

Shortly thereafter, I came up with my own set of tiles and thought it would be fun to make my own mapper for my tiles; one that would fix some of the issues and add the features not present in Rob's mappers. I soon asked a few other tile artists if they would be interested in having their tiles featured, and off I went building this mapper you see here. The support from the community has been awesome and I can't thank everyone enough!


In early 2011, Dave's Mapper had a funding drive to get $200 for the costs of putting the mapper on a new domain and hosting plan. Thank you to all of the donors who helped reach the $200 goal and helped keep Dave's Mapper up and running for the next 3 years!

If you would like to help support the mapper, please consider donations toward Dave's personal medical bills or a donation to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. Links for those are in the footer.

Tiles Contributed

FullEdgeCornerTopTop CornerBottomBottom Corner Map Type Total
Dungeon 5821711400000 893
Cavern 2761081110000 495
Dun/Cav Mix 872270000 116
City 12126160000 163
Village 0000000 0
Side View 5415014768 104
SciFi Ship 8135170000 133
Boardwalk 0000000 0
Tile Type Total 1201 377 291 14 7 6 8 1904