Development Roadmap

This page will serve as a general to-do list and a loose development roadmap for future projects related to the mapper.

    By August 1, 2011:

    • Finish Dave’s tile and cartographer management area.
    • Implement cartographer profiles with a gallery of their tiles.
    • Create icons for the map modes (dungeon, cavern, mixed, city, village, and eventually side-view).
    • Implement some of the cartographer management tools into cartographer profiles.

    By September 1, 2011:

    • Implement tile uploader for Dave’s management area.
    • Implement the side-view map generator.

    By September 15, 2011:

    • Implement full tile uploader and profile editor for all current cartographers, and implement the tile approval system for myself.

    By October 1, 2011:

    • Implement some sort of way for new cartographers to apply/join the mapper.

    3 Responses to Development Roadmap

    1. I want to suggest a little function.

      I prefer using a single tile style per map. But when I open the page, at first I need to remove all the styles and I click all of them. A simpler way would be good.

      And by the way, thanks for your great effort.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. Due to the recent mapper back-end changes, I had to remove the ability to double-click a style to select only that style, but I’ll look for a new way to implement that.

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