A Hole-in-One

A few important news bits to share:

  • Your calendar just got 1/7th of 100% cooler. Thursdays are now #TileThursday where you can draw a new tile for the mapper, post it on social media (e.g. the blue F, short update bird, and positive plus sign guy) with the hashtag #TileThursday, and my favorite tile will win a prize. This week: A postcard. Next week: The world? You’ll have to win to find out.
  • As a joke I mentioned adding a mini-golf course generator to the mapper. But some people on Facebook can’t take a joke, so expect this new mode to be added sometime in the next month.
  • I’m now on Twitter – @davesmapper. If you follow me, you might read an insightful tweet or two*. (*Hint: not from my account.) I’m also coining some new Twittery words to go along with my tweets: Twittermorphs, Dave’s Twapper, and Twatterfall.

Thank you for reading and please keep writing nice comments about my mapper; your compliments are like French kisses from a rainbow to my soul. (Or some less awkward metaphor.)

2 Responses to A Hole-in-One

  1. This is a pretty cool website. I like how the maps work to randomly generate new areas. However I notice that it has been a long time since anyone posted on the blog. Is this still being updated or worked on? Be a shame to see this go by the wayside.

    • Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. My focus has primarily been on improving the app itself. I have a new project on the horizon I ought to post about soon. Thanks for the comment!

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