Port Pendragon

Today I added a bunch of new city edges and corners from Billdakat. Billdakat is a pretty cool guy that I met at KoLumbus 7 (A Kingdom of Loathing convention in Columbus, OH) that also happens to dabble in map-making. His newest edges and corners contain water parts. At the moment, I don’t have a system in place for distinguishing water vs wall, but I have marked all water tiles as being exits to facilitate map-making. To show off the new feature, I have a map to present here made with the new tiles:

Map of Port Pendragon

Located on a peninsula, Port Pendragon was once a naval base used for training the kingdom’s navy. One can still see the barracks-style housing in the southwest of the city, and more similarly structured buildings in the southeast near the city gates. The northern half of the city was once open field for training, but after the war ended and civilians started trickling in, the base organically grew into a fledgling city which now thrives primarily on fishing.

Feel free to use this map and/or story, and let me know how it works out or if you blog about it.

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