Things I Have and Do Not Have

Today’s post is going to be about things I have, things I do not have, and some future plans.

Thing I Have: DungeonMorph Dice, cards, and mini-posters of the maps. These are seriously cool. Even putting aside the fact that I haven’t RPed before, these are awesome. Only through the power of the Internet can you randomly come across something interesting on StumbleUpon, make stuff based on or similar to it, contribute to a community of awesome people that you don’t know, and end up with a physical, tangible object that you’ve helped create. It still blows my mind. To quote artist James White, “Build your own reality.” Thanks again Joe and everyone else involved in that project!

Thing I Don’t Have: A colon. The very week after my last blog update, I went into the emergency room after struggling through a weekend and a few more days of massive pain from a serious Ulcerative coloitis flare-up. After about a week of no food or drink, IV nutrition only, and heavy doses steroid medication, there ended up not being enough progress and I opted to have surgery. Since then, I’ve been making a pretty decent recovery, but have still be extremely busy catching up on work from my day job and freelance projects.

That’s one of the main reasons why I’ve neglected all of you amazing people. Sorry about that. For all the money you donated to get hosting for the app, you deserve better. I’m planning on getting back to making the changes and additions I originally planned, although nowhere near on the schedule I hoped for. Some things going on at my puzzle blog, The Griddle, are also taking up extra time as of late. (An advent calendar and National Puzzle Day coming up in January.) Regardless, here’s what I’m hoping to have done:

  • Sometime this week: update with a Google+ button and some new links. Maybe add some tiles that have been in waiting for a while.
  • Around the New Year holiday weekend: probably add some new tiles and flesh out the profile pages with some of the content I originally wanted to place there.
  • Late January-March-ish: Continue adding new tiles and start implementing side-view morphs.

That should take me up to my next surgery, and will hopefully add some value for you guys. Thanks to everyone for being so cool throughout all of this crap, and I hope I can deliver on the goods very soon.

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