Why It Takes Me Forever To Update

For those that don’t know me personally, I wanted to mention what my deal is. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

For the uninitiated, it’s basically an autoimmune disease that affects the digestive system. For symptoms, mainly I can’t eat a lot of my favorite foods anymore, I’m often in excruciating pain, and I use the bathroom a lot.

While I still plan to do all of the things on the Mapper’s to-do list, it’s going to be slow going for a while. As always, I appreciate the continued support from the RP community and all of the people who have done a ton of work to contribute to the mapper. As soon as I’m able to, I’ll start rolling out updates again. In the meantime, if there’s anyone with web development skills (specifically PHP, JS, and HTML) that wants to help with updates while I’m unable to, feel free to contact me.

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