Things People Go To

I should have blogged about this earlier when it was more relevant and timely. My bad.

Apparently people go to things called conventions and look at cool stuff and buy things and dress up.

Recently, at one called GenCon, there were two booths with some Dave’s Mapper related stuff going on:

  • Joe from Inkwell Ideas (mastermind of the DungeonMorph Dice project) was there and hoped to sell the card version of the product as well as other exciting ventures of his own.
  • Toby from Mesa Mundi was there showing off cool multi-touch gaming tables, one of which was showing off the mapper for a while.

To pimp out these amazing booths, I created a convention info page at where you can get the low-down on convention booths featuring things related to the mapper. It’s formatted for mobile devices and I even put giant mobile-scannable barcodes on the home page to try to get people to go there. If you go there now, you’ll even see more new info about PAX in Seattle where Toby from Mesa Mundi is headed for further adventures.

Hopefully these will come in handy for future conventions as I really want to support cool projects if I can. In the future, though, I’ll try to post more here on the blog and on Facebook and other relevant places too. As with anything and everything I do, feedback is appreciated.

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