More Side-View Morphs

Alright, these really are kind of addictive to make. I don’t know if it’s just the fact that on my iPad I can tweak and erase and edit to my heart’s delight or the way that side-view allows for more detail than standard morphs, but somehow last night I ended up jamming out two new side-morphs that I’m proud enough to share.

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Welcome to the Blog

I decided to build a blog here on the site where I can do all sorts of fun stuff.

Even though I’ve never really role-played before, the role-playing community has welcomed me with open arms since I first created the mapper as a branch off of Rob Lang’s mapper. Now I find myself enjoying the art of map-making and working on a variety of gaming resources for everyone to use.

Things I plan to post here include some of my tiles and mapping work (so others can find it easily without scraping the mapper itself), changelogs and whatnot about the mapper, information on other role-playing related projects (e.g. DungeonMorph dice), and anything else I can think of that might be of interest to the role-playing community. If these things appeal to you, by all means bookmark this blog, add it to StumbleUpon, subscribe by RSS, print out pages and tape them to your bedroom walls, or whatever you want to do. I’m just happy to have you as a visitor.